Not Bill Watterson’s Art, But His Words, Apparently

Not Bill Watterson's Art

Not Bill Watterson’s Art

I have always felt that art that did not speak for itself, art that needed to be “explained,” or worse yet, “justified,” was/is a complete failure. In fact, that is about the only grounds that I think art can fail on- needing to be explained. So my comment here to only to clear-up confusion.

The art above is not the art of the famous Bill Watterson. The art is that of Gavin Aung Than, according to (as nearly as I can tell), the original post. Apparently though, the commentary is Watterson’s own words.

But wherever the inspiration comes from, this is a reflection of my life, and the lives of my sons, and our “bringin’ home the bacon” wife and mother, to whom everyone in this house- even the fish- owe a debt of gratitude. It’s not easy staying home, singing “One Shoe Blues,” doing laundry, and taxi service without going totally insane. Audiobooks are what keeps me balanced. But it is impossible when you actually have to work to eat, which is the only missing point in this cartoon. Not everyone can walk away from their job, and I have sympathy for those that cannot do what they want. But I do think that every can plan to do so, and that is as important and valid a point as the one that Watterson and Aung are making.



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