“Snow Day!!!,” by jhpiii

It didn’t snow much here last night, but there was a partial thaw, followed by a refreezing. Got to love ice. Both Jefferson and Oldham Counties closed their public schools, and so did Jefferson County Catholic.

I’d love to be able to say that I’ll catch-up on this, or that, or maybe even finish Chapter 18 which has been hanging out so long that it’s starting to feel like an ex-wife. But none of that will happen. That’s the trouble with working from home- other people live here, and they are loud creatures.

Still, I’m sure that something will get done today. I’m just not sure what. Shame it is not better snow for sledding. That would have made it all worthwhile.



One thought on ““Snow Day!!!,” by jhpiii

  1. bexx says:

    I hope eldest son does not see this- he’ll want to build it.

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