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Continuous Creation: Book I of the Complete Revelation of Mick and Keith

Continuous Creation: Sushi to Go Prologue


Continuous Creation: Chapter 1: Angelic Archives Department


Continuous Creation: Chapter 2: Main Circulation Desk


Short Stories:

The Interview


The Last Mortal Immortal, a Tale


Sushi to GoOriginal Version



Seven Poems


Continuous Creation‘s Back Cover Blurb:

The Final Match at Armagedōn has been fought and the forces of good won. The Rapture has come and gone. Everyone made it to Heaven, eventually. Even the Ranked Legions of Hell have received a full pardon. Peace has reigned eternal for millions and millions of quiet years since.

And the universe lingers on, and it is far from empty.

But there are two problems. The first is that the remaining immortals in the universe are bored. All those things that were legend, folklore, myth, or just hyper-paranoid delusional psychosis have come out of their hiding places and taken their rightful places as the Masters of the Universe. But the immortals have found that a universe without humanity is just plain dull. That is, until an Angel, a Demon, and a Scion decide to film a Shakespeare play on the planet Tafari, in the Babirye Star System, at the center of the universe.

The second problem is that the universe is about to end and almost nobody knows it.

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