Seven Poems

Seven Poems


Alpha Muse

Thirteen sessions we have seen together,
Not realizing what might have been now- then-
In thy youthful form my- I- does tether,
Chance lost to nothing but the bottled gin:
Time burses the tender curving of flesh,
But whittles nothing from memory shared,
Look at me with thy’n own eyes and refresh,
The Aphrodisia never yet marred
Seven sessions in the Wilderness,
I wondered- lost in the Storm- soaking wet,
Looking for a replacement Mistress,
All have withered in thy light- My Pet,
             Now come to the passage of Elder Time,
             To beg- To plead- To cry- in’part- be Mine!



We’re not truly seen by this probing world
Dreaming none other than our obsession;
Reputation- give thy life- to be loved,
Caring now for life, home and tradition:
Thine praises are song in every garden;
Remembered in the darkness of Mordor,
Idealized cantos wrote in my dungeon
Probing deeper than thy can now ignore:
Does thine own repute- soul and pulchritude-
Display self in all evaluations (?)
Lost curls, drained thoughts, spent moppethood-
Bygone Innocence in recollection.
             Yet we grow to see in another light,
             To revaluate the lost white knight.


essential meaning
             if life – dear eternal
                     i have answer… not


             truly heedless be
                     i evoked you


Blue Angels

The C1-30 hums,
The Columbians go around,
You don’t smoke,
             but you do today…
You’ve been here before,
So has your weapon,
             but the live rounds,
             are unwelcome visitors…
Your mind wonders…
The Blue Angels tell you to think about anything –
             but your Loved Ones.
They say it in the same way you say
             “I’m fine,” to your ex-wife.
You were fine,
Until you saw her.
You both know about it…
You both know you both know about it…
The Silence is Holy,
Each man. Lost in his own thoughts,
So many reasons for being here,
             accidents… mostly…
Seven Men, Stand-Up, Hook-Up, and Shuffle to the Door –
There is darkness behind those clouds,
The wind freezes your tear ducts…
And all you want is not to die.


The Contract…

“Thou shalt not undermine the Mommy…”
Your Mother said to me the other day.
“Thou shalt not use my son to score chicks…”
I have never “scored” in my life,
I thought you recruited me because of my heart.
“Thou shalt not buy my son a motorcycle…”
O-well, I thought, I’ll just have to buy me two.
“Thou shalt have no conspiracies of silence…”
Hummm… what did you say(?)
Oh, yes… of course not dear.
“Thou shalt not teach my son languages I don’t understand…”
Was tat Sie, sagt geehrte, ich hörte nicht zu?
“Thou shalt not allow, encourage, or help my son jump out of an airplane…”
Why not?!?
Killed me it certainly has not!
“Thou shalt not give my son a gun…”
Well, of course not, dear.
“Thou shalt remember these rules are subject to change…”
The rules should never change.
Thou shalt teach the child to advocate for himself.
For no one else will.
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
Thou shalt not “score” chicks,
The Love of a Woman is more dear.
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
Thou shalt teach the child to ride free and live,
This is how we learn to hear what is meaningful.
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
Thou shalt have all my Trust, Honor, Respect, and Confidences,
This is how we teach the meaning of Love.
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
Thou shalt teach everything you know and look-up the answers that you do not,
This is how we instill Integrity.
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
Thou shalt add in all activities worth doing,
This is how the Godfather stays young.
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
Thou shalt teach rhetoric, semantics, and logic,
“It’s a pistol, a rifle, a weapon – anything but a GUN!”
My Dear Son,
The Rules with me Will Never Change.
This is the Contract of Your Godfather.



Dedicated to: Raymond Carver

My Army Boots,
             That my Father bought me Boots,
My Quick-lace Boots,
             That I got when I was ten Boots,
My Resoled Boots,
             That I out grew when I was fourteen Boots,
My Resized Boots,
             That I out grew when I was seventeen Boots,
My Shit-kicking Boots,
             That I beat-up the middle school buddy in Boots,
My Break-up Boots,
             That I won’t give up for you or anybody else Boots,
My Well-worn Boots,
             That I have taken to four different continents Boots,
My Battle Boots,
             That I imagined I was a king in Boots,
My Warfare Boots,
             That I will fight for what I deem is right Boots,
My DOD approved Boots,
             That I got in Guam Boots,
My Conflict Boots,
             That I fought with you about my body Boots,
My Contest Boots,
             That I took to the Olympics with me Boots,
My Duel Boots,
             That I wore to fencing practice Boots,
My Clashing Boots,
             That I wear with suits Boots,
My Skirmish Boots,
             That I wore to turf wars Boots,
My Struggle Boots,
             That I learned to live with life in Boots,
My Blitzkrieg Boots,
             That I read about W.W.II in Boots,
My Bloodshed Boots,
             That I wear when slaughtering chickens Boots,
My Strife Boots,
             That I wore to group therapy Boots,
My Guerrilla warfare Boots,
             That I climb trees in Boots,
My Defiance Boots,
             That I lead a student revolt in Boots,
My Infantry Boots,
             That I took to BCT with me Boots,
My Active duty Boots,
             That I already had broken-in for ten years Boots,
My Cavalry Boots,
             That I wear when riding Boots,
My Artillery Boots,
             That I wear in the field Boots,
My Armored Division Boots,
             That I take with me to Fort Knox Boots,
My Regiment Boots,
             That I polish for hours Boots,
My Militant Boots,
             That I will defend my rights with Boots,
My Commando Boots,
             That I think are better than Hollywood’s Boots,
My Martial law Boots,
             That I pray I will never need Boots,
My Soldiers’ Boots,
             That I can pick out of a million other Boots,
My Servicemen Boots,
             That I got an award for Boots,
My Wartime Boots,
             That I took to the Desert Boots,
My Threatening Boots,
             That I intimidate people with Boots,
My Doom Boots,
             That I played the game in Boots,
My Dying Boots,
             That I hope are on my feet when the time comes Boots,
My Fate Boots,
             That I could never replace Boots,
My Destruction Boots,
            That I kicked down my own sandcastle with Boots,
My Foreordained Boots,
            That I know could never have been meant for anyone but me Boots,
My Cremation Boots,
            That I carried your coffin in Boots,
My Ceremonial Boots,
             That I stand for hours in Boots,
My Ritualistic Boots,
             That I wore to your Christening Boots,
My Formal Boots,
             That I will get married in Boots,
My Stately Boots,
             That I wore to the Japanese Embassy Boots,
My Solemn Boots,
             That I wear to Mass Boots,
My Triumphal Boots,
             That I finally beat Renee’ in chess while wearing Boots,
My Funeral Boots,
            That I buried my best friend wearing Boots,
My Entombment Boots,
             That I will be lain to rest in Boots,
My Last rites Boots,
             That I listened to the priest after you died wearing Boots,
My Grieving Boots,
             That I puked on you after you kicked me Boots,
My Raven Boots,
             That I had propped up on the New York Metropolitan Lions Boots,
My Interment Boots,
             That I wore to Dachau…
My Sable Boots,
             That I loved and cried for the Lady of that name Boots,
My Ominous Boots,
             That I thought went well with your black leather jacket Boots,
My Highly-polished Boots,
             That I should take better care of Boots,
My Scuffed-up Boots,
             That I promised you I would always polish Boots,
My Cowhide Boots,
             That I have taken to rodeos Boots,
My Construction Boots,
             That I helped rebuild your village with Boots,
My Hiking Boots,
             That I took on the American Bataan Death March Boots,
My Mountain climbing Boots,
             That I took to the Alps Boots,
My Parachuting Boots,
             That saved my fucking life Boots,
My Motor cycle riding Boots,
             That I will take Kory to Canada with Boots,
My River fording Boots,
             That I always swear I will never get wet again Boots,
My Fire fighting Boots,
            That I tried to put out your car with Boots,
My Snow plowing Boots,
            That I used to break the ice off your brakes with Boots,
My Ass-kicking Boots,
            That I defended a stranger in Boots,
My Rib-break’in Boots,
            That I got stabbed in Boots,
My “I almost killed the ER-Nurse” Boots,
            That I would have killed had she cut them off my feet, Boots,
My “Took two years to get the blood stains off” Boots,
             That I now think looked better stained Boots,
My Grief Boots,
             That I found “rock bottom” in Boots,
My Despondent Boots,
             That I took to drinking in again Boots,
My Hopeless Boots,
             That I found out you were cheating on me Boots,
My Miserable Boots,
             That I had to confront you about “it” Boots,
My Jail-bird Boots,
             That I wore downtown after slapping you Boots,
My Melancholy Boots,
             That I wore while smoking too many cigarettes Boots,
My Depressed Boots,
             That I packed-up all your stuff in Boots,
My Sad Boots,
             That I smelled your pillow in Boots,
My Despairing Boots,
             That I wore to the bar Boots,
My Liberated Boots,
             That I “got back on the wagon” and stayed there with Boots,
My Rejoicing Boots,
             That I “moved on without you” Boots,
My Emotional Boots,
             That I went to see you at Central State wear’in Boots,
My Burying Boots,
             That I spent a summer digging graves in Boots,
My Hell Boots,
             That I took to Honduras with me Boots,
My Purgatory Boots,
             That I fear I shall have to wear while sit’ten ‘der Boots,
My Abyss Boots,
             That I hope it can always run back from in Boots,
My Trial Boots,
             That I told the judge what you did to her in Boots,
My Conflagration Boots,
             That I burned all your pictures in Boots,
My Chocolate Boots,
             That I listen to Sarah sing in Boots,
My Ice Cream Boots,
             That I take my Godson everywhere in Boots,
My Crying Boots,
             That I get it all out in Boots,
My “I Love You” Boots,
             That I will find Her (again) in Boots,
My Sing’in Boots,
             That I “Got The Balance Right” in Boots,
My Peaceful Boots,
             That I want to find Boots,
My Idealist Boots,
             That I created Hridaynath in Boots,
My Despot Boots,
             That I become Avorimohkit in Boots,
My Own Boots,
             That you can’t have Boots,
My Boots,
             That I will never give up Boots,
My Wear every damned day Boots,
             That I should take better care of Boots,
My Black Boots,
             That I Love Boots,
My Leather Boots,
             That I Love Boots,
My Combat Boots,
             That my Daddy gave me Boots…


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