“The Muppets – First Look Presentation”

I was and remain sceptical of the idea of another Muppets reboot, but the trailer at least is worth seeing. I have not really been a fan of all the incessant reboots that have been coming out of the American movie and TV industry for the last two decades now. I would much rather see new characters created in the same fictional universe and move on. Doing just that is what made the “Star Wars” expanded universe so brilliant and diverse. New writers; new directors, new actors, and new storylines are always better than someone trying to twist themselves into someone else’s creation.

But all that said, this trailer for the newest incarnation of “The Muppets” is worth seeing. I am not sure how long they can keep up this level of quality in the new format, but this eleven-minute trailer clip is worth seeing. “The Muppets” are back to doing what they do best, cultural commentary and satire.

The Muppets – First Look Presentation