“The Drop Box”

The video linked below is about the “The Drop Box” Documentary film being made about Pastor Lee’s ministry to disabled orphans in Seoul, Korea. You can support Pastor Lee’s work through KindredImage.org.

The Drop Box” Documentary

About Pastor Lee:

Pastor Lee

Pastor Lee

Kindred Image is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to supporting individuals and communities that work on behalf of the abandoned, orphaned, disabled, and defenseless. Kindred Image ’s application for recognition of its exemption from federal income tax under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code is pending with the Internal Revenue Service. Once Kindred Image is recognized as exempt under §501(c)(3), contributions made to Kindred Image after March 11, 2013 will be tax-deductible charitable contributions.

You can watch the ArbellaStudios.com documentary movie trailer here.



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