T.I.P. Site and Plug-ins Are Under Construction

Watch Your Step

Well, I thought that installing a few social media plug-ins for WordPress would not take so long, but apparently, I was wrong. So, my T.I.P. Site and its WordPress Plug-ins are under construction, and shall be so for the next couple of days.

To my new blog members, welcome. There is a link for an RSS Feed somewhere, and I will be turning on the email notifications options soon. The JetPack plug-in has an amazing, and mildly confusing number of options.

I am planning of getting to work on my “No Plot Spoilers” book reviews as soon as I have a few more social media plug-ins squared away. I will be focusing primarily on fiction, particularly on science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. But, I will be posting about other forms of fiction as the fancy takes me, as well as non-fiction, and whatever else crosses my mind as being worth between 100 and 500 words.

Pax Tibi, James H. Peterson III



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