NASA Recordings of the Sounds in Our Solar System

So the old saying the “No one can hear you scream in space,” is somewhat true. Apparently, you need to scream as loud as a planet or an asteroid belt scream and than you can be heard. The vacuum of outer space does indeed silence sound waves. However, it would appear that electromagnetic radiation “waves” pulsate identical waves to sound and can therefore be recorded in vacuum. Personally, I take NASA‘s word on that, as I don’t intended to stick my head out the shuttle window to confirm it.

Personally, I find these sounds increditably interesting. It gives me a sense of wonder that instead of silently floating through space on our mostly blue planet, we are indeed making at lot of electromagnetic noise. Makes one wonder how we will be able to use this to build sensors on exploration ships one day. Alas, we cannot even get it together to fix our crumbling infrastructure, so I have a bad feeling that greed will prevent this sort of exploration from occurring in my lifetime.

NASA Space Sounds



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