“My Trip to French Guiana / Devil’s Island 2011”

Okay, let me say first and foremost, this video is NOT my personal trip to either French Guiana, or Devil’s Island. I have never been to either place, although in an oceanic sense, I’ve been close. This film was made and upload to YouTube by TheLaffen79.

The reason that my wife and I went looking for film of French Guiana and Devil’s Island was due to my recent use and abuse of the former French Penal Colony in the short story I am working on entitled “Reality Prison.” And yes, I find the title a bit lacking too, so consider it a title in progress.

The islands were featured in the novel by Henri Charrière, Papillon.

Anyway, please enjoy the rather well presented short film of Devil’s Island.

My Trip to French Guiana / Devil’s Island 2011



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