It Snowed Today

It snowed today, and I was reminded of the simple joy of a child at the prospect of being given free rein to pelt his father mercilessly with snowballs. It was a great counter balance to all of the adult cares that have been weighing life down lately. Snowballs won’t solve any of those problems, but it does give one pause to remember why you bother in the first place instead of getting lost in the Ukraine.

That said, in no particular order, the next few book reviews will be:

American Gods,” by Neil Gaiman

And Then There Were None,” by Agatha Christie

Chinese Bell Murders,” by Robert Hans van Gulik 髙羅佩

Dilbert Principle: A Cubicle’s-Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads & Other Workplace Afflictions,” by Scott Adams (Or maybe I’ll just install the Official Dilbert Widget)

Elements of Fiction Writing – Characters & Viewpoint: Proven Advice and Timeless Techniques for Creating Compelling Characters…, Orson Scott Card

Flashman,” by George MacDonald Fraser

Job: A Comedy of Justice,” by Robert A. Heinlein

Monster Hunter International,” by Larry Correia

One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night,” by Christopher Brookmyre

Past Mortem,” by Ben Elton

Practical Demonkeeping,” by Christopher Moore

Sphere,” by Michael Crichton

Stiff,” by Shane Maloney

Unless of course I change my mind. And please feel free to leave suggestions for future reviews in the “Leave a Reply” box of the post page.

I’ve also been considering what to post on New Year’s Day, 2013. I think it will be one of my short stories. I just haven’t settled one which one yet. Since I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that I will ever invest the time to get any of my short stories published, it will be one of the good ones.

Pax Tibi, James H. Peterson III



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