Immortality Science

Decoding Immortality” is a documentary produced by the Smithsonian Channel. The documentary investigates telomeres, the end of a chromosome‘s protective tip, and how a telomere wears away over time. It is possible that understanding telomere decay and repair may be the key to immortality.

Decoding Immortality

Decoding Immortality by silichip

The Fountain of Youth may have just been discovered not in a Florida spring but in a murky Australian pond. Far from myth the findings of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Elizabeth Blackburn an enzyme that can keep cells young may just prove to be the key to immortality. Join us as we track Blackburn and molecular biologist Carol Greiders decades-long journey to fully understand this enzyme which is both amazing and paradoxical for while it may prove to be an elixir of endless life it also has the power to kill.

Since the above immortality solution may cause cancer as well, it’s important to know that a cure for cancer might be well within the grasp of contemporary science. The idea is to take t-cells and turn them into genetically engineered cancer killers.

Fighting “Fire with Fire,” or A Cure for Cancer



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