“If We Could See Inside Others Hearts”

This video is a great example of why I don’t work in the medical field anymore. But it is also a good example of why I think the world needs more compassion, understanding, and straight-up acceptance of ALL the other people riding around on this rock with us.

Over the years, I have tried to the best of my ability to follow one of the concepts articulated by Carl Jung, that of knowing one’s self without self-deception about what one is capable of. In less prosaic terms, that’s ‘Get to know your dark side and don’t kid yourself about it.’ And what I have found all to often, at the core of my being, is the one thing that really disturbs me- an ability to ignore other people and their suffering. I am not unique in this talent. In fact, a bit of it is essential to being able to actually function in the world. To much empathy leads to cognitive paralyzes and in-action. But it is easy to go the wrong way, or to far, or whatever.

So the next time you see pain, the next time you don’t understand, the next time you find yourself on the defensive, just try talking and listening. The listening part is the most essential bit. No e-mail, no texts, no dictations of action based upon organizational procedures that are the product of group-think. Just ask, and than listen.

Life in four minutes – “If We Could See Inside Others Hearts”



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