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I use to have a blog around here, somewhere. I think I misplaced the access code while pacing the floor with our youngest while he coughed up RSV buggies, and was otherwise generally miserable. He’s much better now, but still not in the clear entirely. So that’s one unavoidable hold-up. I’m more then mildly amused that even sick, sleep deprived, and grumpy, our youngest still attracts more smiles and provokes more memories than I do. I nicknamed our eldest as ‘Stole Daddy’s Thunder’ when he was about a year old, and I realized that the coffee shop baristas, dolls every last one of them, knew my son’s name, when he was born, and which words he knew how to say. Yes, the wee wane had a fan club, and not a one of them knew who I was. So, that’s what our eldest was like at one. I can hardly imagine what our youngest will get up to when his persistent cold evaporates.

But, onwards and upwards. I had told writer Christopher Kokoski, author of “Dark Halo,” that I would blog his YouTube video “#1 Writing Secret of Bestselling Authors,” and I still intend to do that. But I wanted to mention something a bit more personal about my writing.

I managed a 2,505-word count day today, and over 3,000 if you count this here blog entry. Oh, and yesterday was Friday, if your interested. That’s just short of four pages, single-spaced, 11 pt font, in Word. What’s more important is that I like the bit, which exploded from a simple idea about a “cute” and “heart-warming” scene between a Demon and his half-god and half-Demon Scion daughter. (Note that that god is a little god. In the novel, the God that most English speaking people think of is referred to as the Creator or some nickname as the Demons in particular do not want to address the Creator by name, least they attract His attention.) And what I had thought of as a minor toss away scene took on a life of its own and grew. I like it when that happens. It reminds me of why I got seriously involved in the fiction business in the first place, and why I’ve carried on all these years, despite the lack of obvious “success” at it.

More importantly, or rather, also importantly, I feel safe in announcing the end of about an 11-week long writing block. The first three days were not great, less then 700 words total. But I managed to stich-up chapter 19 enough to be able to set it aside for later more compressive rewriting.

Anyway, that’s my news from here. I’ll be watching for your visits. I have a “receive blog entries by email” option on this thing, and you can sign-up on any page through the link at the top right of each page. Do, please, take that as the not so sublet hint it is. They email format is nice, and I won’t bore you with useless trivia, and I won’t data mine you either. I mean, whose got that time for shyt anyway? Nay me, I’ll tell ya that.

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