“Hägar The Horrible,” by Dik & Chris Browne.

The “Hägar the Horrible” comic strip below (click to enlarge), by Chris Browne, just about sums up my feelings on most days, but no more so then the last couple. Two sick kids in the house, and a back back’s night sleep on the living room couch playing century to a bad case of Influenza B will slow anyone down. It’s about wiped the floor with me.

I tucked this cartoon away in a book, I don’t know how many years ago. It is signed “3-31 Chris Brown,” so it must have been some time after 1989 when Chris Browne took over the comic strip from his father Dik Browne. It is in colour, so it should have been a Sunday feature, and I suppose I could dig up some ancient calendars and figure out when there was a Sunday on the 31st of March. But I won’t be bothered with that, accept to say it wasn’t the one in 2013.

By the way, something I didn’t know until I was composing this post. Apparently, the strip “Hi and Lois” is done by Chris Browne’s brother Chance Browne. Both of the sons took over their respective comic strips after their father died in 1988.




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