Greek gods of Mythology and Their Scions

I have no idea where this graph image came from. I lifted it off of my Friend-Cousin-Son’s Godfather Eli Levine. Where he found it Heaven only knows, and I haven’t asked. Even so, it more then aptly sums up my novel “The Revelation of Mick and Keith, by Dr. Fukayna.”

Greek Myths and Zeus Pants

“Sometimes it really sucks to have a god for a mother,” Qdot said.

“Yeah?” Mayghin asked. “You ever tried living with a Dragon? She just doesn’t phone up the head mistress to complain. Very hard on bullies my mom was.”

“At least your mother didn’t know your grades as soon as they were written down,” Hat said. “She showed up one time to give me Hell over a spelling test and we hadn’t even passed it forward yet. Talk about jumping the gun a bit.”

“Still,” Qdot said.

“Yeah,” Mayghin agreed.

“Hmm,” Hat hmmed. “I did like what your mom did when that St. Mary’s girl swiped your leg with that hockey stick. I never would have thought a bus could blow that high in the sky.”

“We slaughtered them after that,” Qdot gloated. “101 to 27. Came from dead last in the state to wipe out the national champions. Just goes to show you it does good to have a Dragon on the PTA Steering Committee.”

“Hey, I spent seven weeks in a plaster cast because of that wench,” Mayghin said. “I thought she should have blown it up when they were in it.”

“Remind me never to break your leg,” Hat said.



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