“Getting Inside Peterson’s Head”

The video and sound track, both the voice over and the music, were put together by my friend Doug Yeager. Doug made it a few years back when we discovered my second brain tumor, which despite its rather inconvenient location at the base of my brain stem, is determined to be harmless. Fine by me. Having the first one out was a major headache. But even though surgery has so far, three years on, not shown up, I still like this video.

Doug Yeager wrote:

The bad news is that a friend has another tumor in his brain. He faces surgery soon.

The good news is that he shared his MRI images and they are magical and awesome. Since an MRI takes a sequence of slices, moving through them gives the sensation of traveling through his head. 300 images are displayed here in 7:46.

The narrative accompanies the slides is a voice synthesis of the PDF report of conclusions drawn.

I felt it only fitting to adapt some of my own music as a score, a way out rendition where the earth growls, a flute soars above, and an alto sax yearns for light in darkness. It is off my Relinquished CD (cdbaby.com/cd/dougyeager)

Getting Inside Peterson’s Head

Getting Inside Peterson’s Head from Doug Yeager on Vimeo.



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