“Free” Office 365 for JCTC and Other College Students

The first YouTube.com video demonstrates how JCTC students can download a copy of Microsoft Office 365, which retails for $99.99. The video was made by JCTC Professor Lee Ann Dickerson.

Further below, you will find a second video that takes you through the installation process, and below that a Tour of Office 365, which is vastly different than Office 2007 or 2010.

Personally, I think that Microsoft really dropped the ball on the Word 365 spell check feature. The main complaint that I have is that spell & grammar check now highlights then entire sentence rather that the offending word or few words, so if you are writing anything more complex than simple sentences, you might waste a lot of time trying to figure out just what Word 365 is complaining about. Ironically, Microsoft left the old spell check system in every other part of the Office suit. Yes, they only removed it from the Word processor. And no, I don’t know why.

Sadly, both Microsoft and Google seem to be on a business model of taking useful tools such as Word and Maps and making them useless.

Get MicroSoft Office JCTC Students by Lee Ann Dickerson

Download and Install Office 365 Pro Plus – Free Office For Students, by Ken Swartwout

Office 365 User Tour and Demo, by NoBlueScreen.com



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