Doris Duke’s “I Wish I Could Sleep”

I have no idea how I have missed this voice all of these years.

Doris Duke – “I Wish I Could Sleep

A friend of mine recently asked me “What is the point of your blog?” I still don’t have any answer for him. Amusement? Entertainment? Share bits of culture that I like? Somewhere to stick my CV besides under the rug in my office?

Doris Duke – “Ghost of Myself

I think I’ll have to write Duke into the next novel somewhere. Basil Berry already has a Trio of goddesses he’s chasing down. Might as well make it a Quartet.

Doris Duke, “I’m a Loser” 1969

But I have a partial answer that will take most of the summer to construct. This blog is a collection of things that I wish my students knew about. Some of the bloggables are know, but others are not. One thing is certain, I’m going to put together a collection of “How To ____ with Micro$ost Word.” I’m getting rather tired of going over those items. While important, explain how to set margins in Word 2010 in infinitely boring.



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