“Does anybody here remember Break Dancing?”

So, there are days when I feel like I need to introduce my Eldest Son to my Wife and say something along the lines of, “Wife, this is your Daredevil Super-genius Utter-nutter Son that doesn’t have the good sense of fear God gave a Gorilla.” And add, “Son, this is your mother. I believe you’ve already met.”

I say this in order to present a backdrop for the rest of this post.

This evening, after getting home from the St. James Fish Fry, our Eldest was entertaining his father by running to and flipping on the couch, and then sliding off head first to the floor- finishing off with a roll and jump up. It was rather impressive, particularly for a six year old. And then, it happened.

“It looks like Break Dancing, doesn’t it?” Wife said.

“What’s break dancing?” Eldest asked.

Father gowned, and listened in misery as Wife went on to explain.

“Show me- show me- show me!” Eldest exclaimed.

“Oh, we’re told old for that,” Father attempted to dodge.

“No, show me on the YouTube.”

I’m goanna get that Steve Chen one of these days, Father thought.

But I’ll say this; with each exclamation of “Awesome!” “Brilliant!” “WOOOOOOOOW!” and “I’m goanna do that!” My Wife lost a bit of enthusiasm for the Frankendancer that she just might have created. So, let’s hope that the Eldest will forget in the blaring light of tomorrow’s “Brilliant!” discovery about the world.

That said, they are good videos:

New York Subway Break Dance

* ** *** ** *

80s Breakdancing on Us TV

* ** *** ** *

The Best Of B-Boys-Red Bull Bc



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