Dictionary.com, which redirects to Dictionary.Reference.com is one of my favourite internet websites.

I honestly cannot remember when I started using it, but it was back in the mists of time. According to BetterWhoIs.com, the creation date for Dictionary.com is the 14th of May, 1995. That sounds about right to me, although, I do not really recall using it until I was in the Army, and even then after my first year in, so that would have been sometime in 1997.

The site offers an English Dictionary; Thesaurus, Word Dynamo, Quotes, Reference, Translator, a Spanish dictionary, Premium services (whatever those are).

The main thing that I like is that over the years, I have found about four words that were not in Dictionary.com, but that were in the O.E.D. Online. Considering the number of years of Latin, Greek, and foreign language studies in general that I’ve had to suffer, a one every four years bogie rate ain’t bad.

So, here’s the historical bit from Wiki:

Reference.com is an online encyclopedia,[2] thesaurus,[3] and dictionary.[4] The site also provides machine translation[5] and web search.

Reference.com was launched by InReference, Inc in February, 1997.[6] The site was later acquired by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. In 2005, Lexico announced that Reference.com would begin offering searches of Wikipedia content.[7] In mid-2007, the site typically ranked in the mid-200s among the most popular websites on the Internet.[8]



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