“A Jury of Her Peers,” by “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”

Yesterday, I assigned the short story, “A Jury of Her Peers,” by Susan Glaspell to my English 101 class to read. So, in an experiment, I told them before the discussion day to “Google” it, because in college, that’s not cheating- it’s called research.

Today, I did what I asked them to do, and found some very interesting results. The first two results were predictable enough: A Jury of Her Peers — Full Text and A Jury of Her Peers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. The third though was a bit of a find and no mistake. I wonder just how closely the Alfred Hitchcock Presents adaptation of the story follows the original one-act play called “Trifles” that Susan Glaspell wrote the year before the short story version was published. First the news articles, then the play, then the short story- all by Susan Glaspell. And now, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” “A Jury of Her Peers”:

(Don’t mind the first two minuates. The story is there. Bad editing.)



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