Sorry, Pardon Our Mess: MobileGeddon

Google Is Not Your Friend

Google Is Not Your Friend

As you no doubt have noticed, the site is a mess today. Thanks to those that wrote, but it’s just a mess, not a nasty hack.

As of the 21st of April, 2015, Google will be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in searches. I don’t like this, but there is not much to be done about it.

According to the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, my site is non-compliant even now. The old site format was just fugly apparently. I will spare you my commentary on that part as me and my QWERTY PC had no trouble with it at all. Frankly, I have more than half a mind to tell Google and the world to flutter-off on this one. But as more and more of the web seems to be driven by you and that little toy in your hand, I’ll go ahead and make the changes.

So I have invested in the Inovado – Retina Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme. I am still trying to sort it all out though, as there are far more options than anyone one person needs.

Anyway, as of today, the Google Mobile-Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights tell me that my weblog is fucked. Thanks Google, I really appreciate your censorship of style and taste. It wouldn’t be half so bad if Google wasn’t the most guilty of all of peddling the bland and boring aesthetics as slick and trendy. My site ooks fine on my iPod Touch, but what the Hell do I know?

I wonder, when will “do not harm” Google ever care a fraction about websites having a Website Accessibility Evaluation for the visually impaired? Or perhaps an “ease of navigation” rating for the physically impaired? How about a “voice control” rating for those that cannot move their bodies at all? Yeah right, I don’t think so either. Personally, I’d settle for Google simply admitting that they rank your sites by how much money you spend annually on Google services.

All that typed, the place is a mess right now. Sorry about that. I’m sorting it out as fast as I can. All the old content is here, so use the categories, or the standard “non-mobile friendly” buttons to find what you are looking for. Serves you right for not looking up anyway.