Coming Soon to a GenCon Near You: “Dragon Roots: Missing Pieces VI”

"Dragon Roots: Missing Pieces VI"

“Dragon Roots: Missing Pieces VI” is off for final review. The anthology includes peices from Christine Stewart Marks, Tracy Jellison Chowdhury, Catherine Fitzsimmons, Dylan Birtolo, Isaac Crowe, Chris Jackson, Julie Wolf Scott, Kimber Grey, L. Andrew Cooper, Edward J. Russell, Nathan Joseph Sitton Marchand, Paul Lell, Robert Neal Geiger, Roger Sicely, Peter Lewia, Thomas Gondolfi, Maxwell Alexander Drake, and Editor Christopher Rocco, plus James H. Peterson III.

New World Map for Visitors January 2013 Through March 2015 Visitors January 2013 Through March 2015 Thumbnail Visitors January 2013 Through March 2015 Thumbnail

Today in a meeting, I was reminded of the importance of an author’s blog as the foundation of a marketing platform. As the conversation turned to website analytics, specifically Google Analytics, I remembered that I had not restored my new World Map for

Unfortunately, earlier in 2015 had a data crash, which they explained in their “www4 map crash and data recovery March 25, 2015” blog post. Fortunately, I was able to recover my data. But the first 13,596+ visitors to will no longer appear on the new world map. The plus+ is the number visitors that occurred during the fitful migration from the evil to the generally helpful But as of today, the tracking widget is installed.

The new widget comes in four versions for the free account: Recommended, Minimalist, Advanced, and BBcode Syntax. I have embedded all four below.
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