“RSV Sucks,” by Our Youngest

Our youngest has Respiratory Syncytial Virus, more commonly known as RSV. Our Paediatrics Doctor at South Louisville Paediatrics has prescribed an albuterol nebulizer shaped like a seal, which seems to be helping a great deal. We’ve been through two days of treatments, at three times per day, and the fever seems to be gone now. The cough is still present and accounted for, but not nearly as intense. Still, it’s made for a long day.

Tomorrow, I should be posting some creative writing advise. Most of the blog post is written, but it just didn’t get finished. So it goes when one of the herd is lamed up.

Anyway, here is what the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia has to say about RSV:
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“Snow Day!!!,” by jhpiii

It didn’t snow much here last night, but there was a partial thaw, followed by a refreezing. Got to love ice. Both Jefferson and Oldham Counties closed their public schools, and so did Jefferson County Catholic.

I’d love to be able to say that I’ll catch-up on this, or that, or maybe even finish Chapter 18 which has been hanging out so long that it’s starting to feel like an ex-wife. But none of that will happen. That’s the trouble with working from home- other people live here, and they are loud creatures.

Still, I’m sure that something will get done today. I’m just not sure what. Shame it is not better snow for sledding. That would have made it all worthwhile.

“A Jury of Her Peers,” by “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”

Yesterday, I assigned the short story, “A Jury of Her Peers,” by Susan Glaspell to my English 101 class to read. So, in an experiment, I told them before the discussion day to “Google” it, because in college, that’s not cheating- it’s called research.

Today, I did what I asked them to do, and found some very interesting results. The first two results were predictable enough: A Jury of Her Peers — Full Text and A Jury of Her Peers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. The third though was a bit of a find and no mistake. I wonder just how closely the Alfred Hitchcock Presents adaptation of the story follows the original one-act play called “Trifles” that Susan Glaspell wrote the year before the short story version was published. First the news articles, then the play, then the short story- all by Susan Glaspell. And now, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” “A Jury of Her Peers”:

(Don’t mind the first two minuates. The story is there. Bad editing.)