War on Parents

And to cap off my lazy week of video blogging, I offer a vision of our Youngest, when he’s a bit older, and if he was a she, and plotting against his Dad, and, well, whatever. This reminds me of our Youngest.

“Girl Declares War on Parents”

“World in your white-gloved hand? Why aim so low?”

Sketchy Animations, by Birdbox Studio

I feel like this some days:

“Sketchy Ice Creams,” by Birdbox Studio

I wonder how many of them really turned out this way?

“Sketchy Duel,” by Birdbox Studio

I think there is an entire novel here:

“Chop Chop,” by Birdbox Studio


“Wildebeest,” by Birdbox Studio

I was enlisted with this guy!

“Sketchy Guard,” by Birdbox Studio