After a Fitful Migration…

migrations is back online. We still are experiencing some temporary issues concerning site memory usage, which I will address later (i.e. how to credit and edit your php.ini file), but we are functional.

So, the misquote of the day is “Friends will help you move bodies, but real friends will move your WordPress blog.”

I am not sure that the blog going down now could have happened at a worse time, but than again, I don’t think there is ever a good time for this sort of thing. The long-term fix is going to be a complete site rebuild from a fresh WordPress install up. But that will take a week or two. This whole migration thing though has been a learning experience. Of that, I am certain, and not one I’d care to repeat. But I have a deeper understanding now of the back-end of WordPress, not to mention website databases, and PHP. So there is this; knowledge gained.

Pax Tibi, jhpiii



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