12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men

I had originally intended to post this complete copy of “12 Angry Men,” written by Reginald Rose, and directed by Sidney Lumet, back on the 25th of March, 2013, after the airing of the “Family Guy” episode “12 and a Half Angry Men.” But life moved on without that happening.

Now though, I would like to remind the world, and my fellow citizens that the legal maxim of the United States of America is “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Yes, I know there is hurt and anger. Those feelings are entirely justified.

Let me say that one more time:

Those feelings are entirely justified.

I know well what it is like to hate someone that has taken away your loved ones. My father died a victim of Agent Orange poisoning 14 years after the conclusion of the Vietnam War. I lost several friends in the Carrollton Bus Accident of the 14th of May, 1988. I watch families ripped apart as fall out from that night continued to rain down for the rest of history since. I seriously lost it on the 14th September, 2001 when I realized that a close friend was almost killed in New York City, and had to be physically restrained from making my own life and every one around me even more miserable. Sometimes your best friends are the ones that will body tackle you and sit on your ass until you pull yourself back together again.

Those feelings are entirely justified.

But remember, it is, and always has been in this country, “Innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law, before a judge in good standing, and before a jury of peers.

No kings. No dictators. No mobs.


Remember that. It is what makes use free. Not always happy, but fucking Free.

12 Angry Men” (1957)



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